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Laminated Safety Glass and Tempered Safety Glass

Alvin Glass is committed to providing homeowners in Alvin, and throughout the Manvel and Friendswood areas, with the best glass work and installation services available anywhere. We’ve been serving the area since 1989, steadily building our experience and reputation to become the first choice for homeowners.

Expert glass repair, replacement and installation services are provided by full service glass company Alvin Glass. We offer all kinds of glass – regular glass, safety glass, insulated glass, plexiglass and Lexan glass – for all kinds of home projects and business applications. Laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass are some of the types we specialize in.

What is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is a type of glass which is designed not only to resist breaking, but also to break in a manner which minimizes the chance of injury in the event that the glass cannot withstand the forces exerted against it, such as during an automobile accident. Safety glass is designed to provide protection from injury from the sharp edged glass shards that form when glass is shattered. These razor sharp shards can cause severe injuries and even death, turning what might otherwise have been a minor accident into a major medical emergency.

Because of this, all automobile windshields are required by law to be made from safety glass to protect the occupants in the event of an accident. Thanks to its added strength, safety glass can also help to support the weight of an automobile’s roof in the event of a rollover, preventing the occupants from being crushed.

Safety glass generally comes in two types: laminated and tempered

Laminated safety glass consists of a thin sheet of flexible clear plastic film called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that is sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. This lamination increases safety in two ways. First, it reinforces the glass, making it stronger. Second, in case the glass does break, the laminate will hold the shards in place, preventing serious injury.

Tempered safety glass is made by a careful treating of the glass while it is heated and cooled. This process increases the tensile strength of the glass, making it harder to break. When tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into small chunks, rather than breaking up into dangerous jagged shards. The side windows in a car are an example of tempered safety glass.

Alvin Glass provides the highest quality safety glass to protect your family and property from harm at home or on the road. In addition to laminated and tempered glass, we also work with plexiglass and Lexan glass as well. We offer glass installation, replacement and repairs services that are right for any budget.

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