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Plexiglass windows are one of the many non-glass window replacement products available from Alvin Glass. We are a full service glass company dedicated to fulfilling the residential, commercial and emergency of customers in Alvin and the surrounding southeast Houston metropolitan area. For professional installation, repair and window replacement, Houston, Texas counts on Alvin Glass to get the job done

Also known as acrylic glass, Plexiglass is a transparent thermoplastic that is often used as an alternative to regular glass. It is a plastic composite that has many of the same transparent properties as glass. First developed in 1928, it was patented and registered under the brand name Plexiglas in 1933. Commercial production began in 1936. Plexiglass played a big role during World War 2 when it was used by the military for everything from windshields to periscopes. Today, Plexiglass is also known as Lucite and Perspex.

Benefits of Using Plexiglass

Thanks to its durability and strength, plexiglass can be a good alternative to glass for windows. It is is a low-cost substitute that provides much of the same look and feel that glass does. It can be used as a replacement in any window in the home and is easy to handle due to it’s lightness.

Plexiglass is a versatile solution that offers many advantages not available with regular glass. It is stronger, more shatter-resistant and more resistant to the elements and erosion than glass, making it an excellent material for use in storm windows. Because it has only half the density of glass, plexiglass has half the weight of a sheet of glass of the same dimensions, saving shipping and handling costs.

Plexiglass sheets are much easier to cut than glass sheets and can be trimmed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Plexiglass has the same clarity as glass, but since it does not reflect as much light as regular glass it does not create as much glare as regular glass. Many aquarium makers use plexiglass not only for its greater relative strength but also because it offers less glare and increased clarity.

For the highest quality plexiglass storm windows and other custom windows, Southeast Houston, Texas turns to Alvin Glass. We have the solution to all your glass needs. With over 23 years of providing Houston window replacement, repair and installation, you know you can rely on them to get the job done right and on time. CALL, TEXT, or EMAIL us for the solution to all your residential, commercial and showerglass needs.

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