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Alvin Glass Emergency Board Up Services

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Few things are more worrisome than having the glass windows or doors of your home or business broken. No matter if they're broken by vandals, a bad storm, or an accident, you know your safety and security is compromised, and you can't rest until something is done about it.

You want the problem fixed NOW to protect your family, your employees, and your valuables. When you have a broken window or glass door, call Alvin Glass for emergency board-up services you can depend on to restore security.

Glass damage needs to be handled quickly to avoid criminal activity and damage from the weather. Plus, if there's broken glass lying around, it can pose a safety hazard. Alvin Glass has a staff of professional glaziers that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to quickly correct the problem.

Many times, we have the glass available to replace it on the spot. If your window or door was constructed of special glass we don't stock, we have the connections to get the glass out to you immediately. In the meantime we'll professionally board up your openings so they're tamper proof and secure. As part of our services, we'll also thoroughly clean up all broken glass to prevent injury

Alvin Glass Residential Board Up Service

Glass in your home gets broken sometimes...often when it's least expected. We come into contact with this situation every day and know how stressful it can be. Our Alvin Glass residential glass professionals are always ready, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to offer emergency board up services for those times.

Whether the glass in your home has been shattered by accident, vandalism, weather, fire, or even your neighbor's kid who underestimated his batting skills, our emergency home board up services will bring you peace of mind because our first priority is the security of your family and your property.

We know how to board up your residence properly, with the right thickness of boards, and with the right fasteners that grip structural members without damaging your framing and siding. When you call Alvin Glass, you'll know you're secure while you're waiting for us to complete repairs to your glass.

Alvin Glass Commercial Board Up Services

Smash and grab theft has been increasing recently in the greater Houston area. Thieves break glass windows, doors, and storefronts to enter a business and quickly make off with whatever they can carry. Maybe a truck has backed into your plate glass while parking or unloading. Glass damage from windstorms and hurricanes is also a fact of life that business owners in Southeast Houston have to deal with every summer season

Whatever may have damaged your commercial glass, it has rendered your business vulnerable and as an owner or manager you have the responsibility to act fast to get it secured. There are certain ways that boarding has to be attached to commercial metal framework that will make it structurally sound and impossible to remove from the outside.

Boarding up your storefront, apartment complex, strip center, or office building is not for do-it-yourselfer's or amateurs. It has to be done swiftly and correctly to restore security and prevent damage to framework and other structures. When you call Alvin Glass our experienced commercial glass professionals quickly arrive on site, ready to assess damage, measure for replacement, and get boarding in place

When you call Alvin Glass for emergency board up services you get

  • Peace of mind
  • Emergency crews that carry supplies to properly secure your property Immediate protection of your property and personnel from intruders
  • Immediate protection from personal injury, liability and theft
  • Immediate protection of your your property from inclement weather
  • Immediate protection against additional damage to possibly keep your business open until repairs or replacements are completed
  • On the spot measurement for glass replacement
  • Complete cleanup of all broken glass
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our board-up services

Alvin Glass is one of the most experienced residential and commercial board up services in the Alvin, Manvel, and Friendswood areas. We've been securing homes and businesses for over 25 years and we know exactly what we're doing.

Homeowners, business owners, and managers rely on us to take care of their glass breakage and board up problems fast. They keep our number in their rolodex for their emergency glass problems because they know one call is all they'll have to make. Call Alvin Glass today.

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