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Custom Glass Cutting at Alvin Glass

Watching an experienced glazier score a piece of glass and then have the glass fall into two pieces in his hands is kind of like watching a magician perform a magic trick. An experienced glazier can quickly run a line down a piece of glass, cut around a long curve and with a quick flick of the wrist, break the glass into exactly the design required, with little apparent effort. How do they make it look so easy?

The answer is knowledge and skill that takes many years to acquire. The expert "glass magicians" at Alvin Glass have honed and sharpened their craft over many years, cutting glass for a wide variety of situations and applications. We can custom cut heavy flat glass or as small as ¼" and thinner. From a replacement window pane to a custom cut wall mirror, Alvin Glass is your one-stop source for expert custom glass cutting

Custom Glass Replacement

Finding custom replacement pieces of glass can be expensive and difficult. Alvin Glass specializes in producing custom-sized pieces of glass at affordable prices. We can handle a wide range of projects such as glass table tops, fireplace glass, replacement windows, custom replacement glass, industrial windows, and custom shelving.

These are just a few examples of the projects we can help you with. Don't get rid of that beautiful hutch or cabinet just because it's missing a pane of glass – Alvin Glass can easily cut you a duplicate replacement pane. Or you can make a personal design statement to create quality decorative glass inserts and panels to transform your cabinets from ordinary to elegant

We can measure and custom fit replacement glass table tops for your furniture, and Alvin Glass can cut them into any shape. Choose from traditional square, rectangular, round or oval table tops, or have our skilled craftsmen cut a unique glass design. Custom finishes and edgework on our glass gives it a unique appearance.

If you have mirrors in your home or business you'll know that beautiful as they are, they can get cracked, scratched, or broken. If this happens, give us a call. We can have an exact-fit replacement in place in your home or business in no time

Home Improvement and Redecoration Projects

Alvin Glass has the capabilities to custom cut a wide variety of glass products to your exact specifications. Custom glass windows, custom cut glass shelves, custom shower doors and mirrors are a few of the items that can be handled by Alvin Glass.

Why settle for the limited selection of glass products available in the stores? Let your imagination run wild and get exactly what you want! Alvin Glass can cut almost any kind of glass in any shape or size you desire and at prices that will probably surprise you!

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are one of the latest trends in interior design. They add instant style to any room and can provide an affordable yet timeless look. If you're wanting to add a design motif to your home that will impart uniqueness and sophistication, installation of custom mirrors can be an elegant and affordable solution. At Alvin Glass, we can design custom mirrors in nearly any shape you can imagine to give you exactly the look you want.

Custom Glass Shelves

Add a glass shelf in your rooms to get that contemporary look you can't get from wood. For a rich look, try 3/8" thick glass shelves in the bar area or living room. With our knowledge and expertise in custom glass fabrication, Alvin Glass can provide you with many custom glass shelving options. Please call to inquire about sizes, colors, thickness, and edgework options to best suit your needs. We can even cut down and polish your existing glass.

Table Top Glass

Table top glass is one of the most attractive and versatile products for protecting your furniture. Glass can be used to protect valuable wood and still allow the look of the grain to show through. Glass table tops are usually a clear ¼" with polished edges. But like glass shelving, we also provide a wide range of choices for creating a unique table top including sizes colors, thickness and edgework. 

Standard clear glass has a green edge due to the iron content of the glass. If you prefer no tint we can provide a low-iron product that diminishes the greenish tint to almost crystal clear. Alvin Glass can custom-cut shapes and different sizes of table top glass to cater to your desires

Alvin Glass Custom Glass Cutting Services Include

  • Window glass
  • Mirrors
  • Table top glass
  • Cabinet glass
  • Shelf glass
  • Etched and carved glas
  • Repairs and restorations
  • Religious glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Art Glass

At Alvin Glass we pride ourselves on our dedication to producing top quality glass work and 100 percent customer satisfaction for our customers. The glass items we install are always backed by our unconditional one-year workmanship warranty which guarantees a fast and free repair if our work has any problems.

We are a full-service custom glass shop that has been offering complete glass replacement, repair and installation services to Alvin and the Southeast Houston Metropolitan Area for over 25 years. For more information on any custom glass cutting projects or needs please call, EMAIL, OR TEXT Alvin Glass for a free quote today!

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